Getting into the angular phonecat demo, in windows, and early on hit a snag.

This one was from trying to update karma, a TDD framework for angular powered by node.js

Seemed pretty straight forward from what I have learnt from node so far.

Nothing like error messages from an unfamiliar environment to make you sit up in your chair.

After I quick google search, with nothing initially, I realised I have some something really weird, that caused a error the likes of which no one has ever seen, or the solution was starting me in the face. that.

Karma then installed.

However, then the test.bat as part of the angular tutorial, which runs the karma command in DOS, returned this old favourite.

Before clogging up my PATH variable, the -g (--global) variable in npm install came to mind.

However this did not work, even after first uninstalling the package.

Though, this time a  Stackoverflow answer at the top of google let me know that at least this time I was not so alone.